Cloud Managed Software Services

Enhanced with Advantech Total Shield

Cloud Managed Software Services have fundamentally changed the way small businesses do technology but it has also added another level of complexity.

Advantech Total Shield eliminates the complexity of Cloud Managed Software Services by turning them into secure, fully managed services leveraged for your business. Bringing your company all the benefits with none of the stress.

  • Single point of contact - No need for you to spend your valuable time contacting vendors for billing or technical questions we will handle all of the behind-the-scenes work.
  • Round the clock monitoring - 24/7/365 monitoring for service disruptions, problems, or security threats means you never have to worry about the tools that your business relies on.
  • Remote Management - We love to visit our clients in person but Cloud Managed Software Services allow for 99% of tech calls to be resolved right away with minimal disruption to your day.

Below you will find a small selection of our Cloud Managed Software Services.


Microsoft Office 365™

Enhanced by the Advathech Total Shield

Office 365 enhanced with Advantech Total Shield is the complete, fully managed productivity package for today’s security-conscious office.

  • Fully managed Office 365 including setup, maintenance, and a single point of contact for support.
  • Fully compliant Email, OneDrive, Contacts, Calendar, Microsoft Teams, & SharePoint archiving for all industries.
  • Advanced Threat Protection – including Viruses, Malware, Phishing Attacks, and Malicious Links.
  • Managed Spam protection.
  • HIPPA and PCI compliant Email Encryption.

Read the Full ATP Brochure           Read the Full SaaS Protection Brochure


Reasons to avoid free email services for your business.

If your business uses Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, or any other free mail service you are doing yourself a disservice.

1. @Gmail or @Yahoo Screams ‘Unprofessional!’

If your argument against a custom email address is that Gmail and Yahoo provide perfectly good free ones, consider this: if you were thinking about spending a fair amount of money with a company, which salesperson email would you feel more confi…

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Cloud Managed Threat Protection

SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection

Cybercriminals attack endpoints from all angles. Multi-vector protection powered by Webroot and managed by Advantech is the only way to secure endpoints and users across all stages of a cyber attack.

  • As part of the Advantech Total Shield, your threat protection is Fully-Managed and Monitored.
  • We typically resolve threat issues before you even notice a problem resulting in zero downtime.

Learn more about Webroot's multi-vector threat protection.

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