Cloud Managed Services

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SaaS and HaaS Offerings

Cloud managed services have fundamentally changed the way small businesses do technology but it has also added another level of complexity.

Advantech Total Shield eliminates the complexity of Cloud Managed Services by turning them into secure, fully managed services leveraged for your business. Bringing your company all the benefits with none of the stress.

  • Single point of contact - No need for you to spend your valuable time contacting vendors for billing or technical questions we will handle all of the behind-the-scenes work.
  • Round the clock monitoring - 24/7/365 monitoring for service disruptions, problems, or security threats means you never have to worry about the tools that your business relies on.
  • Remote Management - We love to visit our clients in person but Cloud Managed Services allow for 99% of tech calls to be resolved right away with minimal disruption to your day.

Software as a Service Offerings:

Office 365 enhanced with Advantech Total Shield is the complete, fully managed productivity package for today’s security-conscious office.

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Cybercriminals attack endpoints from all angles. Multi-vector protection powered by Webroot and managed by Advantech is the only way to secure endpoints and users across all stages of a cyber attack.

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Your website should never be just an afterthought, it is likely the very first impression of your business - and you don't get a second chance at first impressions!

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Hardware as a Service Offerings:

The Advantech Total Shield CloudGen Firewall from Barracuda is designed and built from the ground up to provide comprehensive, cloud-generation firewall capabilities. Cloud-hosted content filtering and reporting offload compute-intensive tasks to the cloud for greater resource efficiency and throughput.

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A complete networking stack from Datto networks managed by Advantech is modern business networking done right. Switches, LTE Failover Routers, Wireless AP's... everything your business needs to stay connected.

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An easy-to-use cloud-based unified communications service that helps employees to be more productive and collaborative with a full-featured phone system, combined with audio/video/content sharing, conferencing, and file-sharing capabilities.

The Rest of the Puzzle

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Managed IT Services

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The core of the Advantech Total Shield

Managed IT services from Advantech is your full service, 24/7/365, IT support department.


  • Phone Support
  • Remote Support
  • Onsite-support*
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Round the Clock Monitoring
  • Patch management
  • Security Monitoring
  • +So much more


All for a predictable monthly cost that ensures you never have to stress about your technology.

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Managed Backup Solutions

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

We are your trusted partner for Backup and Disaster Recovery.


Forget clunky do-it-yourself options or painfully slow cloud-only services. Our fully-managed backup service brings enterprise-grade backups to your office for the ultimate in peace of mind.

  • Dedicated hardware appliance with no up-front costs
  • 100% in-flight data encryption
  • Redundant data centers
  • Customizable retention periods
  • Options for any size office
  • Verification and Testing

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Digital Surveillance Systems

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Physical Protection

The Advantech Total Shield is not limited to securing computing resources or protecting productivity, it extends to physical protection systems.

We are proud to be partnered with HIK Vision to provide a vast array of solutions suitable for all sectors. From education, healthcare, municipal building, and yes, even your business. No matter what the physical security challenges you face, we are your Shield.

Bringing physical security into the digital era

  • IP Cameras
  • Thermal Detection Systems
  • Access Control Systems

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